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Cleaner Layout on VarSome

By Richard Meyer on April, 4 2018

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Today we have updated VarSome with a new, clearer layout. We grouped data together by type in a way that hopefully makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

We also now accept gene queries by their HGNC, Entrez and Uniprot identifiers, for example:

Since we have been adding a lot of data to each VarSome page, some users have pointed out that data transfer times are longer for them, or that their computer or portable device was struggling with the amount of data displayed. To alleviate this we have:

  • Removed the gene information from the individual variant pages, and added an easily accessible link to the gene page(s) on the side.
  • Made it possible for users to hide the region browser and/or the structural variant browser. If you don’t need them, it will significantly reduce the amount of data transferred and displayed. To hide the browser, click on your name on top right, then select Preferences.

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