Saphetor and DNAnexus collaboratation

By Andreas Massouras on August, 25 2017

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Saphetor has teamed up with DNAnexus, a leading global genomic cloud services provider in sharing and management of genomic data and tools to accelerate genomics, to build a sample-in, report-out genomic analysis solution. The DNAnexus cloud-based platform is optimized to address the challenges of security, scalability, and collaboration, for organizations that are pursuing genomic-based approaches to health, in the clinic and in the research lab. Saphetor’s technology is now available on the DNAnexus cloud-based platform.

Data from the DNAnexus Platform is exported to Saphetor via a secure API, enabling customers to take advantage of Saphetor’s comprehensive analysis solution. Its intuitive user interface allows customers to interactively browse and use powerful filters on the annotated and classified variant list.

Together with the scalability and high-performance computing power of the DNAnexus Platform, and Saphetor’s variant browsing tools, customers can quickly move from NGS data analysis to interpretation. Researchers can discover which variants have a functional impact on disease in the hopes of accelerating the implementation of precision medicine. 

We are excited about our collaboration with DNANexus to offer a secure and scalable environment to power an end-to-end analytical solution for genomic biomarker discovery and interpretation.

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